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About Ridesharing.com

Founded in Montreal, QC (Canada) in 2005

It's in November 2005 that Ridesharing.com (previously known as The Carpooling Network) made its debut in the world of mobility with the first objective to facilitate carpooling for daily commute in the Greater Montreal area. Over the years, the company has deployed in several regions of Canada by working with employers, colleges, universities and municipal authorities to promote carpooling as an alternate mode of transportation. Following a major transformation in 2015 to highlight the company's 10 years, a new platform has been developed to integrate online payment and seat booking for long distance ride share. With the new platform launched in 2016 and thanks to electronic money transfers, cash in hand payment between passengers and the driver is now thing of the past!

A community of 243 964 members in Canada and in the United States

Drivers and passengers can take advantage of our platform to offer or to find a daily commute as well as a long distance travel. Ridesharing.com can be used for non commercial ridesharing all over Canada and in the United States. Join Ridesharing.com today to offer a ride, to find a carpooler for your daily commute or to travel from coast to coast. Find out more about online seat booking & payment and about our one of kind guarantee for drivers and passengers.

Corporate Clients

Ridesharing.com offers corporate solutions that allow any type of organization to manage a carpool program for employees, students or citizens.

Opportunities for investors & franchise operators of Ridesharing.com

You are a private investor or represent a group of investors wishing to invest in a fast growing company in the heart of mobility and sharing economy? Contact our team to discuss about growth perspectives and investment opportunities.

Ridesharing.com is currently planning to expand its services in countries such as Australia, India, Mexico and other markets with excellent growth perspectives. Our team wishes to realize the expansion of Ridesharing.com outside of Canada and the US through exclusive franchise operator of our platform. Contact our team to let us know about your interest.

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