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About Ridesharing.com

Ridesharing.com, a visonary concept since its beginning in 2005

Ridesharing.com was launched in November 2005, thanks to the initiative of two dynamic entrepreneurs who wished to contribute to the environmental cause by providing an efficient solution to facilitate carpooling between commuters.

At the beginning of its operation, the company was first known under the URL of its first Website www.covoituragemontreal.com. This first foray into the world of sustainable mobility was forward thinking while the main objective was to allow drivers and passengers of the greater Montreal area to find carpool mates for their daily commute through an innovative online ride matching platform.

A few years later, the company expanded by providing a service all over the province of Quebec (Canada) under the name The Carpooling Network by allowing drivers and passengers users to find carpoolers for their daily commute and their long distance travels.

2016: a new version of Ridesharing.com

To mark its 10 years of existence and also to increase our users' satisfaction, Ridesharing.com recently launched a new formula to facilitate long distance carpools.

For trips of a distance less than 75km or 46 Miles, passengers can still take advantage of the free functions allowing them to find drivers and communicate with them to take arrangement for their daily commute carpools.

For distances greater then 75km or 47 Miles, passengers can book seats online with drivers that are offering rides. Booking fees are charged to the passengers to use this service. Passengers do not have to pay any cash amount of money to the driver during the ride, it is Ridesharing.com that transfers the contribution in the driver's account once the ride is confirmed completed.

A community of 121 401 registered users

Ridesharing.com is an online ride matching platform made for drivers or passengers looking to share a ride. Users can sign up for free, and they can use it for their daily commute or long distance carpools anywhere in Canada and in the United States.

53 corporate clients

Ridesharing.com offers solutions for employers, institutions, cities or transit authorities and event planners. These solutions enable our corporate clients to easily manage sustainable mobility programs and to encourage carpooling among their community.

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