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Our customer service team is ready to assist registered users in situations requiring particular assistance.

As a user, you may contact our team if you require assistance for one of the following siuation:

  • To resolve a dispute or a conflict with another user of Ridesharing.com.
  • For a refund or an issue related to inappropriate billing.
  • To resolve a problem related to a confirmation code or an issue related to the transfer of funds to your bank account, Paypal account, or Interac account.
  • Other situation requiring assistance of our team.

Attention! Make sure you consult the Help / FAQ section prior to contact us.

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Our phone numbers:

Toll-free number (CAN & USA): 1-877-774-8607

Montreal area (QC, Canada) and outside North America: 514-774-8607

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Ridesharing.com - Montreal office

83, Turgeon st., Suite 308
Ste-Therese, QC
J7E 3H7

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Ridesharing.com - New York City office (with appointment only)

100 Church Street, Suite 800 PMB#854
New York, NY

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