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Find alternatives to Greyhound ending its bus routes in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Greyhound has announced that it will no longer provide service in western Canada. Users of this service will now have to find another alternative.

The territory that Greyhound leaves covers British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and northern Ontario. The regular users of the bus company and more specifically rural populations will have to find quickly a simple and economic alternative to travel. Cancellations are scheduled to take effect on October 31, 2018. See CBC article on the subject.

Ridesharing to the rescue of western Canada

There is no cheaper transportation option than ridesharing. Thousands of Canadians are already using it for their daily commutes and long distance trips cross-country. In addition to being cheaper, ridesharing is also often much faster than the bus. The flexibility of the meeting point and destination is another advantage for ridesharing users. Those who decide to travel with their car can also reduce travel expenses by taking passengers.

Autobus sur la route

How ridesharing works is a ridesharing platform without any registration fee that allows drivers to post a short or long distance ride and offer available seats to passengers. Long distance trips must be paid and booked online, just like a bus ticket! A feature also allows passengers to ask the driver a question before completing booking. Generally, questions are about luggage, flexibility of the meeting point or other similar items.

With regard to trust and safety, everything is in place to ensure that the experience is pleasant. Passengers can choose a driver based on the ratings and comments left by other passengers. When a driver provides a piece of I.D., his ride offer is posted with a green checkmark.

Rideshare anywhere in Canada

The platform covers not only British Columbia, but all of Canada and the United States. Search for a ride or post your trip today. Have a look at some destinations:

Rideshare Vancouver to Montreal

Rideshare Calgary to Edmonton

Rideshare Victoria

Rideshare Winnipeg

Rideshare Abbotsford

Rideshare Vancouver

And much more!

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