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5 regions to enjoy fall foliage

Fall doesn't only bring sweater weather but also a magnificent coloration of trees in certain regions. Have a look at our list of locations to admire this sight. 


 1. British Columbia

Whistler in Fall

Eastern Canada might get more attention when fall foliage comes, but the western part has some good colour explosion to offer. The province is big so you will have to choose. You could head to Whistler, which has tons of trails to hike for hours with grandiose point of views up the mountains or simply settle for the city of Vancouver that offers a thriving urban experience and easy day trips in the area.

2. Adirondacks, NY

Adirondacks in Fall

Located North-East of New York State, the Adirondacks are a playground for any outdoor lover. Mountains, valleys, lakes, cliffs and of course a magical fall foliage awaits you. You could plan your visit with the Flaming leaves Festival at lake Placid.

3. The Berkshires mountains, MA

At about three hours from Boston, the trip itself to the Berkshires is well worth it. Winding roads will take you through mountains and colourful trees. If you’re up to it, you could plan your visit with the Fall foliage parade or the Harvest festival.

4. Montana

Drive up north to Montana for truly marvellous sights of fall foliage at its best. Pay a visit to Mother Nature at Glacier National Park by foot or bike through its valleys and mountains painted in bright colors. If you want something that sounds a little less like an adventure, head down to Missoula Valley before trekking up Mount Sentinel for a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

4. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC, TN

Great smoky mountains national park

The area is great for hiking but also driving around through autumn colours. The park has come up with a selection of hikes and drives to enjoy the season. It’s a perfect location to plan an overnight hike in the backcountry and get the chance to spot some wildlife getting ready for the cold season to come.



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